Sentence Patterns

Studying sentence patterns will help us to make new sentences correctly.We need to make new sentences while speaking or writing. So we will study sentence patterns.There are five common sentence patterns.A sentence contains components like subject, verb, object and complement.

Sentence Patterns

Subject + Verb

Birds fly.

Cuckoo sings.

It was raining.

A herd of cattle was grazing.

Subject + Verb + Object.

I read a story.

She composed an E-mail.

Women are fetching water.

He whatsapped me.

Subject + Verb + Complement.

He is handsome.

The grass is green.

It is a book.

Ramesh went to school.

Subject + Verb + Object + Complement

Student’s council made Jane Editor.

The company made Rakesh Satpute General Manager.

It has made me very happy.

The Headmaster appointed me as Supervisor.

Subject + Verb + Object + Object

My sister bought me a doll.

Shyamkant Pimpalkar teaches us English.

I will send Ashish Derkar an E-mail.

Chandan gave the King an advice.

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